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Squishmallows Clip Ons

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Squishmallows are made from super soft marshmallow-like, lovable plush. Their cosy polyester fibres make them machine washable and suitable for all ages.
Squishmallows come in a range of size and are ready to be your best friend!

They offer comfort, support and fun! They can be used as a couch companion, pillow pal, bedtime buddy, travel mate, or as a friend in times of need. Squishmallows have their own unique bio to make them even more special.

Assortment contains: Danny the Dinosaur, Veronica the Octopus, Tally the Tabby Cat, Zoe the Unicorn, Holly the Owl, Esmeralda the Rainbow Unicorn, Tanner the Penguin, Jim the Llama, Fifi the Fox, Cam the Calico Cat, Brian the Dog, Bruce the Walrus