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Hootogadget Beanie

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Hootogadget is the most gadget-tastic owl in the Land of Giggle and Hoot! Hootogadget is always on a top-secret mission, but shhh... she still has time for fun! When Hootogadget was a mini owl she hatched from her egg with one little wing and one big wing. Hootogadget's little wing doesn't stop her from completing her missions, rainbow sliding, helping everyone do their 5 Steps to Bed or doing anything! Sometimes she just does things in her own way! Hootogadget loves Rainbow Slides, and skating on her super cool Sky Board. Hootogadget likes gadgets just as much as Jimmy Giggle and they love getting their gadgets mission-ready together when it's Giggle Mission Time! Before Hoot's Night Watch, Hootogadget tunes into her Hootoheadset and Wing Watch to check that the 5 Steps to Bed have been completed across the Land of Giggle and Hoot. She makes sure all the toys have been cuddled tight, all beaks have been brushed and everyone's PJs are on!