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BigMouth Inc. Beer Snob Glassware Set

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For the buds that refuse to talk anything but IBUs (see what we did there?)?

What gift do you get a beer snob? Beer? Nope?they?ll hate it out loud. Brewery tour? Nah?they went there before it was cool. This 2-glass set is something they?ll hop-ily add to their collection. The wide-mouth chalice (?Life is Brewtiful?) offers them a chance to analyze flavor profiles, while the pokal-style (?IPA LOT?) glass will finally put a smile on their face?and not just because of the joke?it?s narrow opening channels the aroma of that rare brew right to the nostrils.

pint glass set for beer snobs
chalice and pokal-style glasses
a great gift for anyone who thinks your taste in beer is tasteless (even if they?re wrong)
easy to clean