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Trick or Treat Studios - Michael Myers Figure

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Trick or Treat Studios - Michael Myers Figure

A grand welcome to our latest horror character! 

Halloween (2018) - Michael Myers 1:1 Scale Life Size Animated Statue

Trick or Treat Studios and Trancas International Films are proud to present the Official Halloween (2018) Michael Myers 1:1 Scale Life size Animated Statue!

This statue is a movie quality, life-sized prop with animated stabbing action.

The body of Michael Myers was sculpted specifically to match the killer as portrayed by James Jude Courtney in Halloween (2018).ᅠ

Standing at a whopping 6'1", this statue comes complete with Trick or Treat Studios' Deluxe Halloween (2018) Mask & Coveralls, weathered perfectly to match the ones worn in the film and the Mask was cast from the screen used master.

On top of that, Michael Myers also comes with realistic black boots and grimy hands.

But best of all, this statue has animated action and the right arm is fully posable from the elbow to the hand. With the use of a high quality industrial motor, the arm moves up and down in a stabbing motion. All of the pieces of the motor and pistons that move the arm are made of solid metal; there is no plastic here!

Sculpted and designed by the masters at Trick or Treat Studios and manufactured in the USA by Distortions Unlimited (you know those guys from the hit Television show Making Monsters)!

So get yourself a fog machine, low red lighting and a boom box playing the official soundtrack from Halloween (2018) and give your neighbourhood one good scare this Halloween!

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