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New Ravensburger Puzzles!

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New Ravensburger Puzzles!

Just Arrived: New Ravensburger Puzzles

Look out: you can now find the latest Ravensburger puzzles at newsXpress Glenorchy, available online and in-store now!

Disney Ravensburger

The new collection has all of your favourite Disney characters, including the Disney princesses, characters from Cars, Toy Story, Sleeping Beauty, Fantasia, and each of the Seven Dwarves from Snow White as individual 500pc jigsaw puzzles.

Whether you're feeling grumpy, dopey, happy or bashful, we have you covered! You can browse the full range of these here.



Ravensburger 'Escape' Puzzles

The much anticipated "Escape" range of Ravensburger puzzles is now available. More than just a puzzle, the Escape puzzles are part game, part escape room, and part puzzle, mixing clues, surprise puzzle designs, and a background story.

This unique new puzzle range sees the builder (you) read the back story, assemble the room (puzzle), and find the clues in order to 'escape', the image is also slightly different to what's on the box; giving puzzle-enthusiasts a whole new challenge. You can read a review of the Escape Puzzles by Player One here.  

You can browse our range of these incredible new puzzle games here.


For a limited time (until October 25th), you can get 10% OFF Ravensburger puzzles using the code 'LAUNCH10' at checkout - offer available online only!

Shop the range here:

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